A study guide for taking GMAT in less than one month

For students who are planning to do their MBA, GMAT exam is mandatory for them. However, it can be quite tough for individuals who have work commitments or other exams coming up, so here are some tips that can help them prepare for their GMAT exam in less than one month.

 Make a schedule and stick to it:

The first step should be to make a schedule. You need to establish a strategy and plan ahead as you do not have ample time to study as you please. As the time is running out and your test date is blocked, take full advantage of the time remaining by planning each and every minute.

If you are working, listen to tutorials on your way to work. Whenever you get time, sit down and review the concepts. All you need to do is, make a schedule and then try to stick to it.

 Identify your weaknesses:

It is extremely important that you identify your weak areas, so that you may be able to concentrate more on them. If you do not know where to focus, your study plan will be a total waste. For example, if you believe you do not possess adequate essay writing skills, then give more time to improving them. If you believe your mathematical skills are rusty, spend more time to polish your math concepts.

 Take at least 2 practice tests per week:

If you are short on time, the best way you can get yourself ready for the test is to take loads of practice tests and then review your mistakes by looking into all the questions you got wrong. This way you will be familiar with the test pattern, you will be able to manage time and learn your weak areas which need to be worked on.

So, it is advised to try to take at least 2 tests per week and then review all your mistakes seriously.

 Study hard, but do not over do it:

Studying for a GMAT in less than thirty days is admittedly quite hard, so yes, study hard. But, remember, do not overdo it. If you try to cram all the material by studying day and night, by the time the test date is near you will be burnt out. So, take some rest, eat healthy and give it your best shot. 

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