Gain Knowledge on extending the length of your Essay Technically

It is hard for some students when they are asked to write content with a specified word limit. They base eloquence usually on the multiple use of adjectives and different synonyms of the same word. Sometimes teachers measure the page count to assess the completion of a task. Here students get tired of putting new ideas if few lines are still left to be filled. Quantity should never compromise quality and making an article seem longer can fill it with nonsense too. To avoid such things, there are a few tricks which a writer can use to make his content look longer.

Following are some technical tactics which could be applied for a longer academic essay.


At the start you must write your name, heading, date of submission and topic. Also put content with its line. Once you are done with the personal details, come to the heading for your content. The title must be placed on top of the page and it should be bold and underlined. There are certain fancy fonts available as well, which can help you enhance your title more precisely. If your title is long, then break it so that it will use two lines.

Use Line Breaks:

Press the return key twice when you hit it. It will reduce the lines you need to use because the spacing of the paper will allow for two extra lines. Do it later for your heading, title and in between paragraphs as well.

Play with Fonts and Size:

Most of the teachers require 12pt font in Times New Roman. The trick is to make the font size 12.3pt or 12.5pt instead when you are printing your papers out. Also, replace the commas and periods with size 14pt. It does not make much of a difference, but it does make the paper appear longer.


Choose the extended spacing option in your word file by clicking on the format and then on the font. This technique will make the spaces between letters a bit larger than before. Besides this, also bold your phrases or sub headings and add footers. It exploits more space on the page.

These technicalities matter while writing a paper, but you can also engage your readers with the use of attractive words. Ask as many questions as you can. Lengthy questions demand detailed answers too. Give each paragraph a topic sentences, then follow with an explanation and a concluding transition. Write down phrases in full and also give examples to support your views.


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