List of various important policies to be followed by the factories

Below are listed the various important policies which the factories should follow:


Equal Opportunity Employer:

Everyone would be given an equal opportunity to apply and work in the factory. Employees will not be paid wages and benefits on the basis of their race, color or sex. Rather they will be paid according to their work.


Environmental Practices:

Promotion of a green and pollution-free environment and investing in charitable organizations that supports environment causes. It is committed strict adherence of all environmental rules and regulations which are imposed by the local country’s authorities. It will always observe environmentally sound practices. Any environmental mishap or fire incident should be immediately reported to local environmental bodies.


Child Labor:

No worker below the age of 16 would be hired by the factory. If the minimum legal requirement of the country in which the factory is operating is higher than 16 years than it will be followed. The factory verifies the age by maintaining birth certificates of every employee. Other than this the factory encourages the young workers to engage in part time job only and dedicate the rest of their time to night school and various other part time educational programs.


Forced Labor:

Forced labor lacks motivation to work and may not produce the desired results. It is also unfair on the labor to employ them forcibly. Therefore, no forced labor shall be hired to work in the factory.  The hiring manager should make sure that all the workers are willingly working in the factory. No indentured labor will be allowed to work as well.


Wages and Hours:

In order to retain and motivate employees, it’s important that competitive wages and benefits are provided.  No matter what the location is, employees are offered competitive wages which are high relative to the industry average.  This attracts potential employees as well and also helps in motivating the current employees.


Factories shall also set policies regarding overtime and working hours. The factory will pay overtime or any other incentive which meets the legal requirement or local industry standards. Over time rates would be higher than the normal wage rate to provide an incentive to the employees. Workers will work over time only according to their will and can refuse overtime without any threat or dismissal. A regular work week will be no more than 60 hours with a minimum of one day off.  In addition the factory will also provide a paid annual leave as required by law which meets the local industry standards also.



Working Conditions:

The working environment should be designed, built and equipped which makes employees feel comfortable. The factory should comply with all pertinent laws regarding working environment and conditions. Moreover, the factory should not physically or psychologically abuse, punish or coerce workers. No form of non-physical abuse shall be permitted which includes threats of violence, sexual harassment and verbal abuse.


First aid box should be kept in factory to deal with small injuries in work place. The factory should provide access to clean drinking water to employees at all times. Employees should also have access to clean and sanitized washrooms and no sort of restriction should be placed on their usage. Lunch hour break shall also be provided to employees who shall meet the industry standards.


Freedom of Association/Labor Unions:


The company believes in an Open Door Policy. Employees have a right to voice out their opinions. They have a right to present complaints, problems, grievances, feedback or any other comment whatsoever. The factory should take necessary steps to overcome and solve all decent and reliable employee complaints.


If employees believe in forming unions and need representation then it is allowed. If employees believe voicing out their individual opinions than they shall be heard as well provided that the law permits. Workers are free to choose whether or not to join a union or association. No threat or penalty shall be placed if labor associations are formed. This policy is shaped according to the country’s law.


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