Proving that constraints help in boosting creativity in the individuals

It is often argued that creativity flows and stems from a free-spirited world, where the individual mind has no limits and boundaries. It is generally assumed that great innovators embrace the unknown and do their best work when the potential is wide open and the limits are boundless. This is a common misconception that working with boundaries tends to repress creativity. Many people claim that ideas come freely when there are no boundaries and endless possibilities exist for the writer to explore. People often assume that the greatest innovations come from a special place where a brilliant mind, or minds, working free from constraints suddenly achieves an aha! moment and—poof—out comes a new creative invention.

If this were true, certainly we can name many of the great innovations that have resulted from this process. Or can we? Did Thomas Edison work this way? Maybe, Charles and Ray Eames? As a matter of fact, they did not.  As counter-intuitive as it might seem, innovation and creativity comes from a world of paradox that is a world where it is constraint and boundaries that spark the genius of the writer, where the pressure of limits and demands provides a combustible combination of direction and inspiration.

Students often worry about constraints of time or rules while writing their essays and assignments etc. Although, no one would want boundaries while working on a creative essay writing, but occasionally these boundaries are in fact valuable when it comes to doing creative work. The only thing that constraints and restrictions do is take away some of the choices available to you but on the other hand, these very boundaries and restrictions can provide opportunities to explore new skills. So, think about your boundaries and limits for a moment—not as barriers or obstacles to your ability to be creative and innovative, but instead as a puzzle that holds the opportunity and a pathway for creativity.

The constraints do not have to be thought as obstacles, but they can in fact, they are a launching pad for creative thoughts and directions. It is believed that it is about an individual’s attitude towards the things that seem restrictive rather than the restrictions themselves. If seen as obstacles or creativity killers, then the mind will most likely feel restricted, blocking the flow of creative ideas. If embraced as guidelines and unique challenges to provide focused inspiration, the mind will remain open.

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