Strategic Information Management-A critical and integrated aspect of the management framework

The strategic information management is a critical and integrated aspect of the management framework of any growing organization. Just like any progressive organization is becoming greatly dependent on the information technology systems, it is also gradually becoming difficult for the organizations to make any crucial or day-today decisions without the usage of the information systems. Increasing competition and globalization has made crucial for organizations to beware and informed. Information Systems has also provided companies competitive advantage over its competitors.


The senior management in the leading firms is usually using a set of established rules and practices to improve their performance by the usage of the strategic information management systems. However, each industry and each organization within the industry has got the usage of these systems in different management contexts. This difference exists due to the difference in the scope and span of the business and operations of the organizations. The successful systems however are the ones where there is effective and consistent usage by the management. These systems are able to work because they are able to develop and transform new ways of doing business that are most of the time requiring capturing information and processing it through information technology systems.




In this era of strategic information management, there is the birth of new characteristics of the corporate world. There has been a surge in competitive intelligence, competitive advantage, litigation, intellectual property, information ecology and economics, enterprise portals, tacit knowledge, security and group ware tools. All this new wave of technology has thus led to an increased competition between the firms than ever before. The businesses which are successful now are the ones which are able to balance their operations by the correct usage of the organizational resources and are penetrating into their markets by empowering themselves by information. Hence, the task is here not just limited to collecting information but also to process, distributing and employing that data into meaningful results. So that better results are achieved by the organizations.


Information Technology in today’s world is like a backbone of every company. It integrates the operation, reduces cost, proves to be a competitive edge and also helps in increasing efficiency. Implementations of better information systems increase operational efficiency and thus customers are delighted and profitability increases.


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