Want to be a good writer? Here are some tips

Writing is an amazing skill itself. There are numerous categories of writing, which include article writing, play writing, drama writing, speech writing, writing of a poem and so on. Writing is a creative way that pens down the thoughts and ideas about a topic into words.
As far as essay writing is concerned, it has a unique way of its own to express one’s views on a specific subject and that subject can be of a different nature which is either scientific or non-scientific. Both the categories are antagonistic to each other. In a scientific essay, a person can write about facts, analysis, discussions, experiments, theories, results and outcomes. Whereas, on the other side in non-scientific essay, one must have a survey regarding the subject. Such a survey includes public perception, ongoing debates and current affairs. Newspapers can also be taken under consideration for a subject that does not consist of any scientific background or if the subject is about the current affairs specifically.

Questioning can be a very helpful tool to increase writing skills. What to discuss? Why to discuss? How to discuss? Before writing, brainstorming is very necessary. An idea can be divided into different sections through brainstorming. In brainstorming, the knowledge about the given subject or an idea is gathered, when enough amount of knowledge is present, then all the concise and specific sub-topics can be listed. On the basis of such sub-topics, a fine essay can be written. Every sub-topic can be of a great use, it mainly depends on the depth of the subject or idea. For instance, if writing about the current situation of the economy or crises of the city. A huge amount of information can be pooled up from the newspapers, news channels, ongoing debates and famous journalists’ columns. The information collected can then be molded into words which provide a good picture of the subject.  It should be kept in mind that the information being provided should be interesting and attractive.  By the use of easy text and good vocabulary reader’s attention can be gained.

The most common mistakes are the repetition of words, citation of the unrelated material, writing a lengthy paragraph without giving it fractions by including commas and inappropriate use of inverted commas. But some words can be repeated according to the need of the subject. Sometimes it seems hard to write about anything, but listen to the information, which is gathered and the list of sub-topics that has been made.  Then it is not difficult to write about any topic.  But make sure that the information which is developed as a result of brainstorming should be appropriate, related to the topic and must be interesting.  Besides all this, one thing should be kept in mind that a good start is half done.



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