Why class participation is important

Class involvement or participation may involve asking questions related to a lecture, debates, role playing, discussions and even responding to the questions that are asked by fellow students. It can either be in the form of a lengthy discussion or a short exchange between the students and the teacher. It is the reason for students who want to develop public speaking skills and for teachers to assess the individual capabilities of their students. Teachers either involve the whole class in a discussion or pose a question to particular students in a class or they may even ask them to work out the problems after forming groups. No matter what the method is applied, class involvement is necessary as it helps a student to grow his/her inner talents and skills, and they can also perform better at their educational institute if they actively take part in a class. Following are some of the benefits of making students participate in the discussions: you can take help from  essays for college http://www.makemyessay.com/buy-essay-paper-online/


. It adds interest because students lose focus during a lecture when they only hear a teacher talking throughout the lecture. A new perspective is also learnt of due to students participating during a lecture. It is not always about timely assignment submission, but also timely involvement in a lecture.


. It helps in engaging students when teachers pose a question to their class, this in turn makes them think and understand the link between the question and the content.


. A teacher even gets an immediate feedback from the students and it lets teachers to understand and assess their thoughts and ideas. This way they can even correct them on the go!


. It also lets students understand the importance of a certain point in a topic that is being discussed. This way they can know which issue is of grave importance to a certain teacher.


. If teachers make it a habit to call on students on a regular basis to revise whatever they learned in the previous class or ask them questions about a previously assigned reading task, students as a result usually start coming prepared for a class.


To maintain discipline in a class, where some students might be chatting or texting during a lecture, the teacher may call that particular student on the dais or the bench mate of that student, so that they become attentive. For more help see http://www.makemyessay.com/college-papers-for-sale/


. It helps to encourage students to interact with each other during a discussion when they are asked to comment or reply to a question asked by a fellow student.


. Participation also enables the students to effectively learn and practice new vocabulary in a class lecture of subjects such as psychology or accounting.


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